Editorial Illustrations for TOUCH Magazine

Editorial Illustrations for TOUCH Magazine

Jason Mraz Badge Design

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Sansiri Project


works of 2012

Vintage Nudity
One Fine Day at the Beach
Fighting for a Fish

Soldiers of King


2 girls looking for a land

This piece I got inspired by the floodwaters in Thailand. I miss the dry place and the 1st floor of my house.


Welcome to my Blog.

These are my recent drawings. "I am not afraid of the flood" Thailand is flooding right now and I am not afraid of it.


Chopsticks NY competition
Chopsticks NY competition final round
Hair trigger, Bitch Mag

Sassy Women
Mad Mend, Bust Mag
Giving Iceland a Hand, Bust Mag
Flyer, Abri Agency
Flyer, Abri Agency
Flyer, Abri Agency
Wedding card


The beginning of Yoswadi.

The wedding, Acrylic on canvas
Breaking up, Acrylic on canvas
Happy anniversary, Acrylic on canvas

Birthday gift, Acrylic on canvas

Rich man on 7 train, Acrylic on canvas

Sexy grandma in Roosevelt, Acrylic on canvas
Hot summer, Acrylic on canvas

Akira, Acrylic on canvas

Eating Monsters, Acrylic on canvas
Yos and Akira, Acrylic on canvas
The couple, Acrylic on canvas

The conversation of 2 girls, Acrylic on canvas